A hungry bear doesn’t dance

A hungry bear doesn't dance

Today I’m proud to introduce a new section to the site. Inspired by the occasional bizarre slices of wisdom that T has sent my way in the past, I’m sharing with you some of the strangest, non-sensical proverbs, idioms and Greek sayings that just don’t really translate into English at first glance. Enjoy, be befuddled, and hopefully learn some new words too!

Νηστικό αρκούδι δεν χορεύει. – A hungry bear doesn’t dance

 ie – if you don’t eat (get paid), you can’t function.

Νηστικό – hungry – (nis-tee-ko)

αρκούδι – bear – (ar-kou-thee)

χορεύei – it/he/she dances – (ho-rev-ee)