The early bird catches the sun-lounger….

Hmmm, where should I put my towel??

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my new Mediterranean lifestyle so far are the daily trips to the beach. This part of the world is to say the least, spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. We tend to go quite early in the morning, not so much to avoid the hoards, but more to stay out of the scorching midday sun.

Today, we were particularly νωρίς (early) and had the whole place to ourselves. The water was crystal clear and less choppy than the last couple of days. By the way, in case you’re wondering, the lovely lady in the photo is my other half, who I shall call T, at this point. I shall reveal more later, but for now, let’s say that she’s the one to blame for me having to put up with this new tough life in the Med.

Enough waffle, here are my words of the day.

  • χόντρος – fat – (ho-dross)
  • νέος – new – (nay-oss)
  • παραλία -beach – (para-lee-a)
  • ακούω – I listen/hear – (a-koo-o)
  • λέξη – word – (lex-ee)
  • δέντρο – tree – (thed-row)



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